Here are a few photos of what I might be doing outside of work.

Thanks for your interest in my website and portfolio. This little blurb is more about me on a personal level.

The photos above and the few notes to the right basically sum up what I like to do outside the office. I am an adventurer at heart and as such I'm a bit of an extremist in some ways, too. I tend to adopt the whole work hard, play hard mentality. Although if there's no work to be done and no adventure to be had I'm totally content sleeping 12 hours a day, ordering delivery and watching Trilogies, Quadrilogies and.... sometimes... Sextologies (That's means 6 movies in case your mind fell into the gutter, there).

I started working in film about nine years ago and haven't looked back since. It is such an amazing industry to be in and the sky is the limit on where one can go. It's such an all-encompasing art-form. Currently I am very much enjoying the work that I do in the Art Department and wish to continue in that direction. Writing and directing shorts is something I have my eye on as well.

To the right are some of my listable interests.